Finding Pure Bliss: Practicing Tantra in Daily Life Day Course

Spiritual life shouldn’t be confined to a meditation cushion or a class. Surrounded by to-do lists and temptations, Buddha anticipated our busy modern lives and thus taught Tantra, the method for transforming all our enjoyments and activities into profound spiritual experiences. Practicing these methods brings purity and joy into our actions and creates a reservoir […]

Public Talk: Living in the Moment with Kadam Lucy James

This public talk is open to everyone. People like to say we should live in the moment. But what does that actually mean? According to Buddha’s liberating teaching on subtle impermanence, the moment is all there really is! This profound insight cracks open our customary way of looking at our lives…in the best possible way. […]

Family Fun Fair & Open House

Who: Your whole family will enjoy our first Summer Fun Fair where there will be games, crafts, story-telling, prizes, picnic food and drinks, and places to relax indoors in the World Peace Cafe and outdoors in our World Peace Garden and lawn. Everyone is welcome! This is a kid-friendly event! What: There will also be […]